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Scars, Growths, & Abnormalities

Moles & Small Skin Lesions

All around great experience

“Went in with my daughter for facial mole removal. The results are just fantastic. Two weeks later, no mole and just a hint of red as it is still healing. At two feet away, you cannot even tell anything was ever there.”  

Kevin W – Massachusetts


“I had a lesion on my neck removed.  It took five minutes and was so easy.  The results are amazing!  I can’t even see where it was done.  I have been recommending this center to everyone I see.  Thanks!”

Jamie – New Jersey

Wish I did it sooner

“I had a large cyst on my face that had been bothering me for many years.  Multiple doctors told me to leave it alone because the scar would be too ugly.  The cyst was removed in the office in one visit.  Three weeks later, there is almost no evidence that it was ever there.  I only wish I had done it sooner.”

Cynthia – Arizona

The bumps under my eyes are gone

“I had fat deposits under my eyes , and they made me feel very self-conscience about my appearance. Dr. Amato performed a procedure to remove the fat deposits, and I could not be happier with the results.

Dina – New Jersey

My six-year-old daughter

“My six-year-old daughter fell and had a large, deep laceration on her forehead.  Dr. Amato was so patient with her, and he repaired the laceration layer by layer. My daughter didn’t even cry.  She still asks for Dr. Amato.  The result is unbelievable! I can’t even see where it was done.  Thank You!”

Linda – New Jersey

Before and After Photos

All before and after photos on this website show real results of patients treated at the Vanish Plastic Surgery Center. These photos are resized but otherwise unaltered. The results are typical but not guaranteed. Be advised that individual results vary.  The outcomes are dependent on a variety of factors unique to each patient. Any reproduction, redistribution or modification of these photos for any purpose is prohibited without express written permission of the Vanish Plastic Surgery Center.

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